Fried Shrimp Chins Snack  

No.1 Best selling in Thailand

Okusno Food History

Established in 2012, Okusno Food Company Limited has introduced

a new kind of snack food labeled “OKUSNO"

 the first snack made from a variety of raw materials in Thailand. 

"We are the first Thai brand to offer shrimp chins as snack."

As the pioneer of a new kind of snack food in Thailand,

we develop healthy snack made from local materials.

We aim to add values to locally obtained raw materials

support Thai suppliers as well as Thai products

and provide Thai people with sensational snacks.

Our first product is “Okusno” fried shrimp chins snack

that high Calcium, Chitin and Chitosan. All ingredients are carefully selected.

We deliver quality snack made from real shrimp without preservative.

         We always concern about cleaning and high quality to customer.

And we are confident in our products and will continue

to develop to further satisfy our consumers worldwide.