Okusno Food Company Limited first began newly snack in 2013 —established as “OKUSNO”.
It became the first snack that use a different raw material in Thailand and maybe it’s the first of the world
that use shrimp heads to be a main raw material (under the head of shrimp).

We are the first developer in Thailand that uses the shrimp chins to be a snack.
We create, develop and adapt a useless raw material from our country to be a value product,
which is why we are the first and newly snack in Thailand.

This snack is a good source of calcium (90%).
It is a smart choice, better for children and best for adult.

Our seasonings also use carefully selected ingredients to make our tasty snack.
We use real material like chilli, kaffir, lime leaf, and lemongrass to spin and then mix them together. 
That’s why Okusno Snack is delicious. 

We are the manufacturer and distributor Okusno.
The founder is young teenager 
who has dream and goal to reach.
She is different and do the unique thing.

“OKUSNO” is Slovenian language. It means delicious.
The founder has the stories with this country 
and made she moves on
that’s why she chose this language to be brand name, OKUSNO.

Moreover, we are the champion of SME Teetak The Final 2015 from the TV program that every Thai SMEs must join to contest. Broadcasted on Workpoint TV.
We are the BEST SME of 2015.
2016, We are the champion of Thailand Green Design Awards 2016 form Kasetsart University.
2017, we are the champion of 7 innovation 2017 from CP ALL, 7-11.
2018, we are selected to the selection innovation in SIAL Paris.

2018, we are the winner of Innovation production awards from innovation of Thailand.

Our aim
1. To support raw material from Thailand and develop a useless raw material to be a value product.
2. To develop high-quality products for the global market.

Our Vision
1. We prefer to use Thai raw material for developing a product. 

2. We would like to use flavors that base on Thai food.
3. Develop innovative products using modern production technologies for new generation who love to try something new. And always aware the need of consumers.
4. Produce the food product to be high quality; clean, fresh and safe.
5. We always treat employees, suppliers and consumers like family.

Thai FDA (Thai Food and Drug Administration)
GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)